June 8, 2012

Watering 101

It's hot here again. And no rain for quite awhile. A good time to talk about proper watering.

It's always better to water a few times at length rather than every day for a few minutes.  True for gardens and lawns.  True if by hand or by irrigation system.  You do not want the roots coming up to the surface for water. Deep watering encourages roots to go deep to get moisture and nutrients, and stay cool. Plus after a drought the ground is hard and a light watering, or rainfall, will just run off.  Don't be fooled by our increasingly hard but brief rainstorms. 

Containers should be allowed to absorb water slowly. A pool of water on top won't get down to the roots. Water, let it sink in, then water again - or maybe three times. Remember, moisture attracts moisture.

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