January 28, 2012

Temperature Trumps Calendar

With the warm weather we had last week, some perennials are popping their heads through the soil.  I have seen daylilies and some spring bulbs.  Daylilies are tough as nails.  Hard to kill them even if you wanted to!  I have seen them survive under standing water.  Aquatic daylilies.  Maybe a new breed.  So no worries if yours are waking up early.

Daylilies in January

Those delicate looking spring-flowering bulbs are pretty tough little numbers, too.  I know it is tempting to bundle them up against the returning winter chill, but that makes them even warmer and cozier, and therefore more likely to grow.  Leave them be unless you see flower buds forming.  Do cover them up with some leaves or mulch.  They may get frost nipped anyway, but the bulbs should go back to sleep, and rebloom in spring when we need them most.

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